Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Strange Visitors at the Manger

Barbies and the Baby Jesus: A History of the Nativity Set

So, as I continued on my quest for Christmas art, I ran across this picture.  Certainly a beautiful piece of art.  But, notice who came to help Mary and is standing just behind her.  Yep, it's Barbie.  (Barbie, the Midwife?)

So now we have Santa and Barbie at the stable.  It's getting kind of full in there.

But, what Mark Hart says in his blog strikes home for me.  He says, "... I want my children to put themselves into the story. It is essential that they see the birth of Christ as meaningful and fundamentally important in their own lives. And as sons and daughters of God, you and I need to remember the same thing."

If having Barbie and Santa in the creche helps my children see themselves worshiping there as well, that's not a bad thing. 

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