Saturday, December 11, 2010

So, Who Really was at Jesus' Birth?

Despite my earlier blogs, we all know that Barbie and St. Nick weren't in attendance at Christ's birth.  We can also realistically figure that the wise men didn't actually pay their visit until later.  We know the shepherds arrived at the stable after the birth.  And, we know that angels sang.  Finally, we can assume, but we don't know, that Joseph was there.

Have you noticed that the only women in creches are Mary and maybe an angel or two?  I never thought about it until  after I had my own babies, and it seems a little weird.

Granted, I did deliver my wild child with just my darling husband to catch her.  But, that wasn't planned.  Oh, right, Mary probably didn't plan on having her baby in a stable, away from home.  Still, in a city as full as Bethlehem was, surely there was a woman to be with her during her labor.  Or, maybe the fact that she was in a stable, probably the only private place available, also signifies that she & Joseph were alone.

On the other hand, there are stories of the inn keeper's wife helping Mary.  And, historical art does show women in attendance at the birth.  Of course, these don't really mean anything, but they are fun to see.   

It's perfectly possible that Mary gave birth alone.  But, I think that a loving Father would want her to have the comfort and reassurance of an experienced woman there with her.

We'll never know, in this life, who was with Mary, but we can have the assurance that Mary had the support that she needed.  I wish all laboring and birthing women could have that same care.

So, who do you imagine was in attendance at Christ's birth?

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