Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's in Your Purse? 2011 Version

I'm a little afraid to dive in there, but for history's sake, here are the contents of my purse today, April 2, 2011.

1 diaper
ziplock with a couple of baby wipes
Mini babypowder
ziplock with samples of paint colors
ziplock with cloth nursing pads
eye glass cleaning cloth
grocery outlet receipt
wic packet

uncashed check for $5
medical id cards
Red Cross training/instructor cards
assortment of store id cards/punch cards

black bag with:
tape measure
hand lotion
hand sanitizer
tic tacs (guess this has replaced the Princess Pez dispenser)
eye drops
asthma inhaler
thumb drive
"work" id tags
leatherman micra
ear buds
MRC "coin"

Most revealing is my wallet with: 
home school ID
Lowe's gift card
temple recommend
State of WA emergency worker card
Costco card
Ham radio license
a few bucks
library cards
"work" business cards
"family" business cards
drivers licence
credit card

What's frighting is that I (or a small family member or another) actually USE all this stuff.  When I go out, I add my Ipod & phone.  My purse is a backpack style for a reason.  There's even room to add small purchases, a change of baby clothes, errant toys, or a sling as needed.

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